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Gallery of my art whether it be drawings or digital stuff



There are always two sides to every story 

Based on opinions and lies and very little facts

It's takes committed ones to put together

The truth that hides behind the veil of lies


Each story hides the key to hidden secrets

Some are to deep enchanted treasures 

Other's lead to darkened chapters

Inflicting magic magic and curses everywhere


That's where our man steps up forward

His job is simple, to discover the truth

The line between fact and fiction is hidden

It's buried beneath a obstacle of myths


It's the concepts in which these stories are told

That affect us, changing our constant beliefs

It's the concepts that alter our minds

Our perceptions shift out of focus 


So this young man, he had entered the world

His heart was empty and open to constant beliefs

The book he had contained all the answers

That took him into a world of endless theories


The concept of the tale opens up his eyes

He envisioned the characters with the greatest of detail

He sat back and smiled, let his imagination run free

As he escaped realities boarder, and into the endless sea


It's the concepts which these stories are told

That affect us, changing our constant beliefs

It's the concepts that alter our minds

Our perception shift out of focus


As he sat there quietly

In his own little world

The tides turned into dust

And birds spoke with an english tongue

There a bridges, endless hills 

With an ocean full of light

The goblins and the elves are fighting

This world all seemed so right


When he reached the end of the page

So did is avid journey

He wanted to do it again

So adventurous was his imagination

Where should he go next?

Maybe history or another fantasy land

Could he be a king for a day

Who knows, his dreams were his drive, forever and always


It's the concepts which these stories are told

That affect us, changing our constant beliefs

It's the concepts that alter our minds

Our perception shift out of focus

Injustice The Flash and Green Arrow by stick-man-11
Injustice The Flash and Green Arrow
I really loved the concept for The Flash in the game. I'm going to start buying the Graphic Novel adaptations soon :)


A small courier van cruised along the desert roads. It was the now the crack of dawn. The morning sun had peaked over the horizon accompanied by the fresh cool breeze of the ocean. There were no other vehicles in sight which made the courier van's journey a smooth one. However Dawn was going to throw something else at them. High up in the hills above, Cawley and his men located the van. They prepared to move out in order intercept, but there was something troubling Cawley. What if he ran into Michael Knight again? He couldn't let anything spoil his plan. He followed his men to two bashed up pick up trucks which they had covered in foliage the night before. They revved up the engines as the van lightly passed by.  

Cawley: My brothers. This is it. Let's move out.

The pick up trucks appeared in the van driver's rearview mirror. He instantly reacted with caution as he put his foot down on the accelerator. He turned to his passenger, signalling him to load his shot gun. Not far away, Michael and KITT sped down the road towards the same location when an alarm sounded in Michael's cabin. KITT displayed the source of the alarm on the monitor. 

KITT: Michael, two vehicles are intercepting a security van. Both vehicles are carrying heavily armed men.

Michael: That's them KITT. How far away are we?

KITT: Approximately Two Miles. Shall i activate my Super Pursuit Mode?

Michael: No let's leave it this time. I want them to think that they're getting away with it for a while. We'll be the nasty surprise for them. In the meantime get me Devon. He'll want to hear this.

The two pick up trucks rolled up on each side of the van, boxing it in. The cult members leaped off of the back of the trucks. They clung on the sides of the van, scaling their way towards the cargo doors. Cawley clung onto the side of the driver's door. He swung his fist at the driver and knocked him out. The passenger tried to open fire but was pulled into a headlock by another brother. Cawley smiled as climbed into driver's seat, throwing the driver out into the road. He slammed on the brakes, bringing the truck to a screeching halt. The rest of his brothers opened the doors. They climbed on inside one by one to access the cargo. They unloaded a series of wooden crates in an orderly fashion. One by the one, they stacked the crates neatly on the back of the pick ups. Cawley inspected one of the crates. They were all there. 

Cawley: We did boys. We now have ourselves a set of forty portable rocket launchers. Our clan will be invincible. Glenn, you and some of the boys take the load back to camp, Denton, Samson and I will finish up here.

The cult hopped on the trucks and sped off into the countryside. As they turned the next bend, they were confronted with a mass armada of police cars. Someone had tipped them off. The members exited the trucks by request and surrendered. Devon Miles appeared from the crowd of armed police officers. He searched the contents of the pick up trucks to find the missing rocket launchers. 

Devon: They are all here. Michael's hunch was correct. 

Police chief: Mr Miles, Cawley isn't here. He must be back the crime scene. My men are preparing to move out and catch him.

Devon: Oh there is really no need. Michael should be there in say *Checks his watch* Three minutes.


Cawley sat there in silence unaware of what was about to go down. His followers had completed their task of clearing out the van. His eyes narrowed as he made out a familiar black object that was heading towards them. 

Cawley: It's Knight! Well he's too late. We'll take of him once and for all won't we brothers.

As they approach the van, Michael and KITT are met with a barrage of machine gun fire. It was time to execute their plan. Devon had just contacted them about the roundup, but cautioned them about Cawley. He wasn't going to go down without a fight.

KITT: Michael. These machine guns are as feeble as polystyrene pellets and highly annoying.

Michael: You said it buddy. Okay KITT, Cawley's going to be main challenge here. If we can toss his brothers into the back of that van, that should put him on edge for us to take him down.

KITT: Say no more.

KITT sped through the small barrage. They were successful in splitting up the small group. Cawley dived to the ground and rolled for cover. He watched on with rage filled eyes as KITT chased his followers into the back of the van. Michael hopped out of the car. He slammed the Van doors shut and locked them, trapping the two cultist followers inside. Cawley picked himself up off the ground and sprinted across the road. Michael spotted him within a split second. He dived into KITT and sped off after him.

Michael: There he goes KITT. He's heading for the beach.

KITT: Michael, I hope we don't plan on swimming. My new Hydroplane unit hasn't been fully fitted yet.

Michael: Don't worry. I'll make sure that it doesn't come to that.  

The beach provided tough traction for KITT. Michael hit the off road treads but the traction still provided problems. Cawley climbed a small jagged rock face, hoping that it would stop his chasers. He tried to climb his way out but quickly realised that it was too late. Michael and KITT rolled up the beach and stopped in front of the cliff face.

KITT: There he is, Michael. He appears to be trapped.

Michael: Good. Let's go up there and get him. 

KITT: Michael I can't Turbo Boost up there. There is no solid surface on top of that formation.

Michael: I know. I'm going to need a boost myself. *Opens up the sunroof* I need a boost about 30 ft. 

KITT propelled Micheal up through the sunroof. He lands steadily on the top of the uneven surface. He immediately locked arms with Cawley as the two men battled it out with all of their strength.

Michael: Your cult is over. 

Cawley: You're going to die Knight. Right here, right now! No one dares rob me of my vision!

Michael: What vision? Mass murder? Look in a mirror, Cawley. You're not a saint. You're the face of pure evil.

Cawley screamed at those words. He took a swing at Michael but missed. Michael dodged another fist as he speared the mad cultist in his chest. Cawley smacked his back into the side of the rocks, letting out an agonising scream! He couldn't fight anymore. The pain was too intense for him to bare. Michael towered over him, grabbing him by the scruff of the neck. There was no sympathy in his eyes and in his voice.

Cawley: No more....Please. I failed. I've failed my brothers.

Michael: You failed society. I mean look at you. You use to be a well respected technician, but wild fantasies had gotten the better of you. Why did you do it? Why did you turn to crime using a cult as a mask?

Cawley: There were no masks, Knight. I felt like a new man when I formed my group. I did all this to survive. 

Michael: Survive what? 

Cawley: A war. I had a vision. I saw the world come to an end because their stupidity had gotten the better of them. My brothers claimed to have shared that same vision. They followed me because they wanted to survive.

Michael: You murdered people just because you believed that a dream was real. 

Cawley: They were out to kill us.

Michael: No they were not! No one was! That boy was just hiking when he discovered your complex by mistake. Besides that, you've been stealing weapons. That's terrorism and I for one can't stand terrorists. 

Cawley: So are you going to kill me? *As Michael binds his hands with plastic strips.*

Michael: No. Unlike you, I don't kill. Come on let's go. 

A few minutes later, Michael secured Cawley in the passenger seat. They drove off back towards the street where the police were waiting for them.

KITT: Another case closed I assume.

Michael: You said it, KITT. Mind you it's the first case in a long time where I haven't felt sorry for the guy. 

KITT: Do you think they will treat him?

Michael: I don't know and I don't care.

KITT: Michael.

Michael: Okay I do care, but as long as they don't let him back out on the streets, then it's fine with me.

KITT: Are we going to make a stop in the city after this? My turbines could use a stretch.

Michael: Sure why not. We can't take off without one thing.

KITT: Oh no.

Michael switched on the radio, playing his music much to KITT's displeasure. They quickly hand over Cawley to the authorities before speeding off into the morning sun. They now had the whole day to themselves. They could do anything.

The End

Doomsite by stick-man-11
So who is Doomsite? Where is he from? Is he good or bad?? Well listen up :iconearthcenturion: :icondeftsprings4516: :iconthehero-guy: because Doomsite is coming to Portal Earth. 

He was once a Doombot that had been programmed to destroy the Avengers during the Catastrophe event. However, he becomes sentient and realises (with the help of Tony Stark and Earth 161's Peter Parker)  that he can he do more if he helps people instead of destroying them. So he eventually becomes apart of the Captain America's"Brotherhood of Superheroes." As he is purely a cyborg, his powers are the same as that of a Doombot. 

Doomsite will appear after the Midseason break next Year.

So would you accept him or not?

Days can kill you if nothing holds the joy

Routine days of dull and boredom wrecks the sense

It's just a ploy to keep to you moving

Nothing is meant to be so great

No matter how hard you try

Something's never change


I'll manage on my own 

I always have done to each to their own

People have always held me back

I get what I want done before I head home


When the lights go out and the start appear

I do what's for best for me and isolate myself

I get lost in a sea of endless thoughts 

What would it be like if I just had someone?

Everyone believes that my dream will come true

But reality plays it's unique own tune


I'll manage on my own

I always have done to each to their own

People have always held me back

I get what I want done before I head home

One day's met with 

The one thing I hate the most.

But then another day is what I need

The time to focus, be in my zone

In retrospect, I've been doing okay

Been getting on in my own special way

My friends and my family are there by my side

Destroying the pain, Preserving my pride 


I'll manage on my own

I always have done to each to their own

People have always held me back

I get what I want done before I head home


I'll explore these lands  (On my own)

I'll take the risks (On my own)

I'll support my loves (On my own)

And meet the right one (On my own)

I discovered a passion (On my own)

And I made it a talent (On my own)

The decisions became clear (On my own)

As I move forward each year (On my own)


stick-man-11's Profile Picture
Lee Homer
Artist | Hobbyist
United Kingdom
Hey I'm Lee and I live in the UK, South-east to be specific. I love digital art and other art types that evolve around many TV shows, movies and other fantasy stuff. I'm just improving on my own talent. I'm not great but I'm not terrible either.

I love to draw and I love to make photo-manipulations for my favorite things that keep me interested. When it's made, I'll share it with my amazing viewers :)

The proudest thing I have ever made is the creation of the Marvel Dynamic Universe and the adventures of The Dynamic Spider-Man...then I killed him off. That was even more fun.

Recently, I have become an amateur Photographer who's been studying it for a hobby but might eventually consider chasing a career out of it. Who knows I might just be that good at it

Current Residence: Chatham, Kent, South East England, UK
Favourite genre of music: Alternative Rock
Favourite style of art: comic book concept art
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Phillips GoGear Vibe
Favourite cartoon character: Roger The Alien
Personal Quote: It isn't my fault that I'm original.

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