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Late one night off of the Californian coast, A large freight ship sailed across the ocean under the bright beam of moonlight. It had been working it's usual route as it transported cargo to and from Japan. It's destination was the China Basin docks in San Francisco where a fleet of trucks were awaiting it's arrival. The captain kept a lonely watch over the operations. His crew had bunkered down for the night after their long grueling shifts. As the ship approached the coast, three objects caught the Captains attention. The pitch black darkness obscured his vision. He couldn't see anything out there. Unbeknownst to him, Three small black speed boats pulled up alongside the ship. Four masked men exited the speed boats, using grappling hooks to winch themselves up onto the deck. They moved out in separate groups, stealthily taking down the guards that patrolled the cargo. The lead team headed up the stairwell. They made up to the control deck without further detection. One of the attackers kicked in the door and stormed the deck. The Captain raised his hands, stepping away from the controls.

What do you want!?” he asked the attackers.

We want your cargo old man.” One of the attackers replied. “Now shut up and do as your told or you'll get a bullet in your head.”

Who sent you?” The Captain demanded. “It's Rook isn't it? Who the hell does he think he is!”

I said quiet!” The attacker replied as he smacked the captain in the face with his gun. “On the ground!”

The Captain hit the ground with force. He lay there unconscious and completely helpless. The masked men continued their mission as one of the men took over the controls. Two other men went off to search the rest of the ship and the lead man got onto the radio. The man fiddled with the dials until he was tuned into the desired frequency.

This is Black Ninja calling Red Rook. Mission completed. We have the Ship under control. Code name: Eagle.”

A distorted deep voice replied over the radio. “Confirmed, Black Ninja. I have your position on the radar. Steer A Hundred And Eighty degrees due East and head for the pick up location. Red Rook out.”

Cutting the transmission, the masked man carried out his strict instructions. The ship eventually cruised down the coastline at it's new heading. It's destination was unknown. The Captain eventually came too. The elderly man sat up against the wall and rubbed the back of his head. He could see the masked man through his now distorted vision, but it didn't stop him from making one last statement.

Rook is using you, you know? I know what he's like. He screwed me over too. They will find this ship one day just like the rest.”

Rook told me about you. Hollister right?” the man replied as he paced about the deck. “Yeah. You're the old man who worked for him back in the Sixties until you decided that it had all gotten too much for you. Going to the Feds that day really complicated things. Still I must give you something. You really did turn it around. You really do know how to live life in a sensible way. Shame it has to end. Stick around Captain. Rook is looking forward to seeing you again. It'll be like a family reunion.”


A week later after the incident, the story broke all over the major news channels. The recent hi-jacking had sparked the Foundation's attention. The FLAG semi headed down the coastal road towards the outskirts of San Francisco. It's destination took them across the Golden Gate bridge and towards the small town of San Quentin. Sitting comfortably in the Semi's seating area, Devon Miles and Michael Knight discussed the basics of their assignment. Bonnie had spent the duration of the journey, recording and studying the reports of the missing ships. With the help of KITT, she was able to pin the each of the ships last known locations on an area map.

You know something Devon, we've only been on this case for a week and I can already see a pattern.” Michael said as he studied the map.

You're right.” Devon agreed. “Each incident has taken place around the coastline just outside of the port authorities patrol area. Whoever is behind the planned Hi-Jackings has knowledge of the coastal patrols.”

Are there any details on the recent ship that went missing?” Michael asked as he turned to Bonnie.

It was a freight ship called the S.S Kingsman. It was en-route to China Basin from Tokyo with a supply of computer chips. The Captain was a man called Fred Hollister. A seasoned Captain with Fifteen years of sailing under his belt. His last transmission was recorded an hour before the ship disappeared. He mentioned nothing about any Hi-Jackers.”

Devon recognised the name. “Fred Hollister. I know that name.”

You do? Great it could be a lead.” Michael said. “What do we know about this guy?”

Fred Hollister was a well known black market distributor back in the Sixties. He was caught selling illegal firearms in Cuba when an anonymous tip off sent the Cuban Military knocking on his door. He alluded capture but chose to retire and go straight, offering himself to the FBI. Ever since then he must have become a Captain.”

Michael's ears pricked up. “Wait a minute. If he was black market distributor, then who was he distributing for?”

I'm afraid I don't know.” Devon replied. “However I'm sure the Foundation's computers will have some information.”

Bonnie searched up the information. Fred Hollister's file appeared on the screen. The three of them read the file until their eyes met on one particular man.

It says here that his boss was a man called Gareth Rook.” Michael said. “The only Gareth Rook I heard of was a crime boss who operated in this area. I read all about him when I was Michael Long. Bonnie, see if the Foundation has anything on this guy?”

Sorry Michael, I'm afraid we don't have anything on one Gareth Rook.” Bonnie replied as her search came up negative.

There is one source though.” Devon added. “Fred has a daughter. Sarah Hollister. She lives in a small town not far from here. I'll contact her and let you know that you're on your way.”

Okay Devon thanks.” Michael replied as he headed towards KITT.

Michael, one more thing. As far as we all know, Fred has been killed. The poor girl is in mourning. Please be gentle with her?”

Devon you know me.” Michael replied as he sat down behind the wheel.

KITT slowly reversed down the exit ramp before performing a Three Sixty Degree turn on the street. They cruised back down country coastal road towards the small city of Sausalito. They received an address from Devon that was only an hour away. Meanwhile, The semi arrived outside the gates of the San Quentin Correctional facility. Devon left the Semi to greet a Federal Agent who had been tasked to help him on the case. Devon greeted the man with a firm handshake before escorting him into the Semi's office.

Thank you for meeting with me Mister Miles.” the Agent said. “My department appreciates the Foundation's involvement on this case.

It's our job Agent Daniels.” Devon replied as he gestured the man to take a seat. “I trust you have a substantial amount of evidence on this case for us to work on?”

I do, but before we can begin to make the necessary arrangements, we have to consider the option of eliminating the Hi-Jackers.” The Agent replied.

Eliminate them?” Devon asked. “I don't understand. Why on earth would we want to do that?”

Because they're terrorists, Devon.” The Agent explained. “They pose a threat to national security. I know you would have it done another way, but it's too dangerous this time to attempt an arrest. The number of terrorist organizations are increasing each year so the FBI has had to up it's game. I hope you understand?”

Yes I understand.” Devon complied. “Although I don't agree with it, We've been ordered to assist the FBI with our resources. All I ask is that you let us work the case from a different angle. I have our best man out there right now researching a potential suspect.”

Alright.” The Agent agreed. “We'll continue this when he returns with his findings.”


Sausalito was a beautiful scenic area which sat in and around the San Franciscan Bay Area. KITT gently cruised into town as they headed for the Marina area. The air was warm, the Sun was bright and the radio was playing over KITT's airwaves. Michael really wanted to take in the extraordinary views, but his job came first.

Michael, I don't recall ever being in this part of California before.” KITT claimed.

Well sure we have, pal.” replied Michael. “It was a long time ago but I can still remember it as if it was yesterday.”

Ah yes I remember now. I was forced to listen to your dreadful singing as you serenaded to a fair brunette on your second date.” KITT responded as he scanned his data banks.

Hey it worked didn't it?” Michael said. “We were able to make a third date. Serenading is always the key.”

Really? Well I hope you don't intend to use that method on Fred Hollister's daughter?” KITT asked him in a cynical tone. “I don't think she'd quite appreciate the sentiment behind it during her time of grieving.”

I'm way ahead of you pal.” Michael replied with a smile. “All I want to do is ask her a few questions and that's it.”

No dates?”

KITT, do you really think I'm that bad?”

Let's just have a way of winning them over.”

Michael laughed. “You know something KITT. I think you know me better than I know myself.”


They arrived at address that had been provided to them. They pulled up outside a house on Pine Street. Just as Michael was about to leave KITT, they both reacted to the sound of a curdling scream. It was coming from inside the house. Without hesitation, Michael rushed towards the house to investigate.

Michael, I just detected a woman screaming,” KITT reported. “There are two people inside. A woman and a man. The man has a knife!”

That's Sarah. She's in trouble!” Michael replied. “Keep your scanners peeled.”

Michael kicked in the front door. He burst his way into the living room to see, young Sarah Hollister on the couch in the tears. A man in black clothes bared down on her with a sharp dagger. Michael shouted, grabbing the man's attention. Grabbing his arm, Michael struggled with the attacker, eventually getting him to drop the knife. The Attacker broke his grip, punching him in the chest.

Sarah get to the car!” Michael cried out. “It's a black T-Top. Go!”

The attacker made his escape through the kitchen. Michael gave chase as he headed out through the back door. He chased the attacker on foot across the back yard into the an alleyway. The chase brought them to the main road. He watched on as the mysterious Attacker hopped onto a motorbike and sped off down the street. Michael called out to KITT. He got him to scan the area, giving him a description of the bike. Unfortunately, it was too late. The attacker had disappeared. Michael still had a clue to go on. Sarah Hollister. 

Classic Battlestar Galactica Cylon by stick-man-11
Classic Battlestar Galactica Cylon
I know that the re-imagined series was and still is an instant hit, but I have an often love for the campy original series from 1978. I have the entire series on boxset and I just love The Cylons. Their design ( a Stormtrooper Vader hybrid) with the iconic swishing sensor eye. Their clumsy clunky motion, their terrible aim at the colonials. I just love it so I thought I'd try and draw one.
Leonard Nimoy Tribute. by stick-man-11
Leonard Nimoy Tribute.
My tribute to a great actor that graced the TV screens of Science Fiction. R.I.P Leonard Nimoy. My sketch isn't great but I poured my heart on this one.
The Knight Industries Two Thousand by stick-man-11
The Knight Industries Two Thousand
I won't lie. I don't have the talent anymore but KITT is my all time favorite car! Sadly the drawing doesn't do him justice but here you go.


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Lee Homer
Artist | Hobbyist
United Kingdom
Hey I'm Lee and I live in the UK, South-east to be specific. I love digital art and other art types that evolve around many TV shows, movies and other fantasy stuff. I'm just improving on my own talent. I'm not great but I'm not terrible either.

I love to draw and I love to make photo-manipulations for my favorite things that keep me interested. When it's made, I'll share it with my amazing viewers :)

The proudest thing I have ever made is the creation of the Marvel Dynamic Universe and the adventures of The Dynamic Spider-Man...then I killed him off. That was even more fun.

Recently, I have become an amateur Photographer who's been studying it for a hobby but might eventually consider chasing a career out of it. Who knows I might just be that good at it

Current Residence: Chatham, Kent, South East England, UK
Favourite genre of music: Alternative Rock
Favourite style of art: comic book concept art
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Phillips GoGear Vibe
Favourite cartoon character: Roger The Alien
Personal Quote: It isn't my fault that I'm original.

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