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Stalked in the shadows


by Lee Homer


Disclaimer: This is a one-shot that I've written for Halloween. I hope you all enjoy it. All rights are reserved as I don't own any of the characters from the show.

Scott Tracy Personal Video Log. Recording in progress.

I haven't been sleeping. I just haven't been able too because it's been eating away at me for days. I've been hiding this story from my brothers because both Virgil and myself haven't been able to explain it. I guess our family are level-headed skeptics when it comes to unexplained things because of the age that we live in. We live in a world where science and technology run it for the most part. When these strange incidents occur, you're just not prepared for it. That's exactly what happened to Virgil and me on the night of October 31st. Halloween. As much as what I am about to reveal here may sound crazy, I can assure you that it's real. I'll stake my reputation on it.

It began as a routine call from John up in the station. He had received an automated distress call from an old GDF booster station in the middle of the Maryland countryside. Now usually those alarms are triggered manually when someone needs help in an event of an emergency. Thunderbird One was currently undergoing repairs so Virgil took the job. I tagged along with him in Thunderbird Two and we headed off into the sunset. By the time we got there, we treated it like a standard search operation. The moon hung in the air, illuminating the area for us which was a huge help. We had a plan in mind for when we landed. Virgil set us down as close as he could to the signal's point of origin. It was in the middle of an open patch of land which was surrounded by dense woodlands that moved off in all directions. Sure it gave off a creepy setting. The thing is, it was Halloween so naturally you chalked it all up to being apart of the hype that holiday had to offer. We grabbed our equipment, left the Thunderbird and began to case the area. Virgil searched the woodlands behind the craft to see if there was anyone still around while grabbed a detector and followed the signal to its source. 

I couldn't see. Even with my powerful flashlight, I could just make out my hand in front of my face. It was like the forest had taken on its own personality. I kept reminding myself that the booster stations wasn't far away and that the sounds I was hearing were my own. I could hear the crickets chirping in the distance accompanied by the sound of wolves howling into the night. Yeah, it was creepy, but it wasn't enough to deter me. After all, I did have a job to do. Climbing over a few downed tree logs, I arrived at a dip in the ground. It was heavily covered in foliage to the point that I nearly fell into it. I placed a series of glow sticks there to mark it so I could avoid it on the way back. Looking back now, I regret my decision to do that as the bright green fluorescent light from those glow sticks probably attracted the presence of something I wasn't prepared for. 

I arrived at the booster station without injury. It was pitch black and for some reason, the air felt thick. Even through my helmet's air filter system, I could smell a foul rotten stench that just made me feel sick. I pressed on, however, checking the alarm triggers at the booster station. Something had tripped the security sensors but I couldn't find any indication that someone was here. I scanned the floor with my flashlight. There were no footprints, no equipment left behind, no liquid chemical traces but the booster station recorded someone in the area. The data still flashed on its small built-in computer screen. My head hurt with confusion. It didn't make any sense. I leant up against the small brick wall where the computer panel was situated and took a moment to process the situation. Then there was that stench. It was a serious offence to my sinuses that I felt like I was going to throw up there and then. After a few moments of this unpleasant odour, I tried to reach Virgil on my wrist communicator. I tried to reach him multiple times, but all I received was a wall of static. I called out to John up in the station only to receive the same result. I started to get concerned at this point because I knew fully well that our equipment was functioning at full capacity. I spun on my heels and shone my light back in the direction in which I came. It was at that moment when my ears tuned into the sound of crunching and cracking to my right. My instincts kicked in. Someone had just entered the area with me. Slowly and cautiously, I turned my head towards the direction to the sounds. That was when I saw it.  

This figure stood there. That's all I can describe it as. A shadow figure that definitely didn't look human. It looked humanoid, but something was telling me that it wasn't a man. The Moonlight broke through the trees behind this thing, completely immersing it in shadow. My heart began to pound. I felt tense with fear. I never felt anything like it. Sure I've had a few harrowing close encounters during previous rescue operations, but this was terror. Pure terror. My body tensed up on the spot almost like a temporary state of paralysis. I immediately connected the foul stench to this thing. I tried to work up the courage to move hand which was still tightly clutching the flashlight. Before I could begin to move, the creature shifted its posture. It had now stood completely upright with its head held high. I looked in disbelief as the creature revealed two huge curved horns that sat on top of its head, much like a goat. This thing had to have been Six feet tall. If it was someone's idea of a practical joke then it was done in bad taste. I wanted to laugh nervously, but my instincts told me otherwise. 

As everybody knows, we have something known as the fight or flight reflex. When we face a dangerous situation, we react in one of two ways. We either fight the threat or we run away from it to safety. Well, mine kicked in around about this time as the creature began to snarl and growl towards me. I knew that this thing had been watching me the whole time while I was checking out the booster station. A voice screamed inside my head. "Shine your light on it!" Of course! Perhaps if I had thrown light in its face, it would flee just like any wild animal when it's startled. However to my disbelief, as I began to point the flashlight at it, it leapt back into the bushes. My jaw dropped open. This creature didn't step back or turn to run. No. It leapt backwards at an impressive distance. I seized the moment. I couldn't take the chance of it returning to attack me. I turned and I ran. 

As I picked up the pace, I tried to put a fair bit of distance between myself and the creature. Unfortunately, I had thrown myself into a false sense of safety. In my panicked state, I had completely forgotten about the glow sticks which I had placed in the ditch earlier. I tripped over a disjointed log and tumbled right into it. I heard a sound coming from the direction behind me. It was the sound of something moving through the trees, crunching the leaves as it went. The sound grew louder by the second. The thing was chasing me and I had little time to do anything about it. I knew that the more I'd sit there listening to sounds, the greater the chance of it gaining on me. My heart was about to leap out of my body and do a runner. I found it hard to breathe. I remember thinking as this all went down. "Come on, Scott. Breathe. Go and find Virgil.”

I picked myself up off the muddy ground, repeating those words in my head. Somehow, it helped me focus, but the sounds continued. I could hear a distinct clomping sound that seemed to be coming from all around me. As I continued back towards the clearing, I deduced that the creature was possibly observing me, studying me as if anticipated my next move. I used this to my advantage. I dived towards the ground and reached for a sharp jagged rock. I wasn't going to satisfy this thing any longer with my fear. I grabbed my flashlight and shone it's high powerful beams into the dark. The sounds had stopped altogether. I didn't see anything. After a few moment of just sitting there, I concluded that the thing had eventually backed off and left me alone. Relief set in. I wish it was only temporarily. At that moment, I got up assuming that it was over. The adrenaline had gradually left my system. I felt drained and exhausted for some reason. I must have hyperventilated during the tumble in the ditch. I guess anyone would have if they were in the same situation.

The next half an hour felt like an eternity. I had continued in a straight line ahead of me with no sense of direction and time. I felt delirious almost as if this forest had consumed me with its darkness. I had been dragging my legs with exhaustion and needed to rest. Five minutes was all I needed at best. I took the opportunity by perching up against a huge oak tree. As soon as I removed my helmet to wipe the sweat off of my face, my senses kicked in again. It was the sound of hysterical birds flying out of the trees that put me on edge. I felt paranoid at the fact that the creature hadn't truly left me alone. Oh how right I was there. I peered round to face a gap in the treeline. It was there. I couldn't believe it. It was sitting there, hunched over by two large rocks. I watched as it leapt up onto one of the rocks, staring at me. I fell bent over backwards just looking at it again.

I was caught off guard as the creature let out a high, blood-curdling cry. It wasn't of this world. I can't even begin to describe what it sounded like. I just knew that it represented something evil. The sound lasted for about Sixty seconds not that I was able to keep count or anything. This time, though, I felt angry. An overwhelming sensation of rage and frustration set in. I got up and took a step forward towards it. I remember questioning my actions in the moment. “What are you doing? Are you insane?” Well, you see that was the thing. I didn't know what I was doing. I just felt compelled to call out to it. 

Hey! You!” I barked at it with confidence. “What do you want with me!? Go away! Just leave me alone! You hear me!? GO....AWAY!!

To my surprise, the creature seemed to be co-operative. It backed away slowly and took off once again into the shadows. I began to calm down as my usual rational senses returned. It felt as if my surroundings had returned to me. I suddenly remembered where Thunderbird Two was. It was like as if somebody had flicked a switch in my head. I made a B-line for the clearing. As I stepped out onto the grassy plain, I spotted the Thunderbird sitting there right where we left it, but there was no sign of Virgil. I began to wonder if he had seen the same thing as I had. This wasn't the ideal time to speculate, though. My first priority was to locate my brother and get the hell out of there as soon as possible.

I backtracked around to the other side of the craft. I eventually found him, slumped up to the side. I called out to him a few times. His head jerked around suddenly to face mine. The light in his helmet illuminated his face. He had lost all colour in his face and his eyes conveyed a look of terror and confusion. I grabbed him by the shoulders to tell him what I had just encountered, but it had become apparent that I wasn't the only one. 

Virgil, what's wrong?” I asked him, shaking him by the shoulders. “We've got to get out of here. It's too dangerous! Virgil? Can you hear me? Say something!?”

Virgil tried to speak. His bottom lip quivered forcing him to drop his words. His eyes met mine. I had never seen him so scared in his life. Virgil was always the strongest one out of all of us. He had the most confidence and was always considered as the bold and honest one out of the five of us. To see him this way was a statement in itself.

Sc- Scott. I just saw you.” He stuttered. “Y-You were standing over there behind the trees.”

But I was in the opposite direction, bro. I was chased by something. You couldn't have seen me.”

Virgil was adamant about his experience. He took a few moments to go into detail and open up to me what he had just seen. He raised his left arm and shakily pointed towards the spot where he had allegedly “seen me.”

I was checking out the woods by the security fence.” He began. “I didn't see anyone around so I decided to come back and report it in.”

Go on?” I continued.

I saw someone standing upright ahead of me.” He said trembling. “I shone my light on him and... and... it was you.”

I gulped heavily. My throat had become dry after the excessive breathing and running that I had done. 

What was I doing?”

You stood there. You were just standing there silently with your back to me. It was as if you were paralysed on the spot. I called out to you twice...but... you didn't reply. I then called out again and...”

And what? Bro, what happened?”

"You turned around slowly and just stared at me. There was no expression on your face at all. Your eyes were blank. The part that creeped me out though was that before I could react, you just opened your mouth and you let out this inhumane, evil, blood-curdling cry. It wasn't even in your voice, bro."

Of course, the cry. I couldn't help but connect it all together. I wanted to act fast, but it was clear that Virgil hadn't finished his story

What happened after that?” I went on.

I dropped my flashlight in a panic.” He concluded. “When I picked it up and shone it back at the trees, You were gone. You just vanished. I didn't hear anything. No footsteps, no grunting. You had just vanished. That's when I ran out here to try and process it all. The next thing I know, there you are. The real you that is.” 

I didn't understand. How could have I been in two places at once? There was no doubt that the creature was behind it all. I grabbed Virgil and dragged him towards the entry hatch. As we arrived at the front of the Thunderbird, a distant sound caught our attention. It stopped us in our tracks as it grew louder and louder. Vocals began to form within the voice as it echoed throughout the trees.

Hey you!” “Hey you!”

I felt as if I was going to pass out as I could see the creature linger in the shadows. The voices continued only now they were starting to take a distinct tone. I was familiar with the tone which chilled me right to the core. The voice was my own. I couldn't even begin to fathom what had all transpired. This creature not only took my form to scare Virgil, but it was now mimicking my words in my voice. It was my voice alright only it was being projected in a slightly higher pitch.

Hey you!” “Leave me alone!” “Hey you!”

The voice continued for the next few moments. I felt compelled to run at the creature and tackle it head on. I felt insulted and offended by whatever this thing was as if it had been toying with me the entire time. Was this something it got out for kicks? Or was there some hidden agenda going on? Fortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to find out. Virgil grabbed me by the back of my utility harness and hurled me onto the elevator platform. Before we knew it, we were in the safety in Thunderbird Two's cockpit. Virgil powered up the thrusters. As we took off, I stared down at the pitch darkness below us. It felt satisfying to know that we left whatever it was down there. 

Checking the time, I realised how long we were out there for. Two hours had elapsed during the ordeal. I didn't want to question it, however. I didn't say anything for the entire trip home. Virgil didn't either. Whatever that thing was, it really took the energy out of my both physically and mentally. How do you come to terms with something like that that's completely beyond human comprehension? It wasn't an animal. It wasn't anything that we had witnessed before yet somehow, I had a nagging suspicion that the GDF knew something about it. 

The sun rose up over the ocean as we made our final approach to Tracy Island. Despite being all of those miles away, I kept thinking that we were being followed home. I kept imagining a scenario where the creature had somehow stowed away in the pod or had somehow secured itself onto the hull. I just chalked it up to shock thinking that a nice hot shower would solve it and help me relax. Everyone was still asleep when we touched down. Virgil didn't say a word to me. I collapsed on the lounge sofa and watched as he silently slinked away into his room. I never saw him again until lunchtime the next day. After an hour of decompressing, I finally headed for the shower before collapsing on my bed. 

Those voices stuck with me for the rest of that day and they have done ever since. I remember sitting in the kitchen with something to eat. Gordon had sat next to me asking me all these questions about what happened to Virgil. They sounded muffled. All I could hear were those words. Anyway, it was 2pm and John had a situation come up which required Thunderbird's Two and Four. While they were gone, Kayo decided to monitor the situation. She knew that I hadn't been sleeping but against my wishes she sent me to my room so I could get some rest. Instead, I was on my computer, making calls to GDF officials and representatives. I needed to know what that thing was. Things became even more mysterious when I found the GDF had been blocking my calls and deleting my messages. Even Colonel Casey herself refused to pick up every time I tried to reach her. I threw myself back on the bed spread and pondered for a while. Did we stumble on a secret that we were not supposed to know? 

For the rest of the day, I surfed the net researching various myths and legends that spun stories of mythical and evil creatures. Now as I've stated at the beginning of the log entry, I've always been a rational skeptic. I never really thought I'd see myself reading up on mythical monsters yet strangely, something was telling me to look. I came to a page which had some information on a particular monster. My eyes widened as I made note of this monster's traits. A lot of corresponded with my sighting the previous night. The creature was known as a "Skinwalker." It said that a Skinwalker was a humanoid creature that could take the shape of someone else in order to terrorise its victim. Essentially, It was a shape shifter.

It was easy to come up with a theory at this point. I concluded that the GDF was concealing a Skinwalker at one of their installations. It triggered the emergency signal so it could prey on the first person who would respond. That person was me. It then studied me, took my form to scare Virgil and then mimicked my voice to mock me.

It sounds silly, right? Well, I can assure you that the experience was real and it was genuinely terrifying. I just don't think I can tell anyone about it. I truly believe that seeing is believing and that we shouldn't take anything as something fabricated because it could happen to you. I don't know if I'll keep the log entry. I certainly don't know if I should play it to anyone. I guess I'm revealing all of this because I haven't had anyone to talk to about it. It just feels right, you know? I just wish that the GDF wouldn't keep secrets like that because of the potential dangers those secrets might conceal. This was a grim insight into the open possibilities that we are not alone. 

Scott Tracy Personal Video Log. End Recording.

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