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Chapter II

The Punisher's battle van arrived at a desolate warehouse. Part of it's structure had been destroyed during Dormammu's demonic attack. He opened the doors before he drove on inside. After he closed the doors behind him, he flicked on a switch that completely drenched the warehouse in a thick bright light. He threw off his long black over coat when he discovered the miniature tracking device. He immediately destroyed by crushing it with his foot.

The Punisher: Crude. Nice try tin man, but I meant what I said.

He began to open up a case of machine guns when the doors behind him opened up. The distinct silhouette of RoboCop appeared in the bright beam of his raider's headlights. His clunky metal footsteps echoed throughout the warehouse. The Punisher made a break for a machine gun, but RoboCop was too fast for him.

RoboCop: Drop the weapon. I want to talk.

The Punisher: How dare you follow me here! You don't know who it is you're messing with!

RoboCop: I wasn't finished No one damages my servos and gets...away with it. *Aims his firearm at The Punisher.* Make a move...and I'll shoot you unless you talk.

The Punisher: Just who the hell do you think you are? Do you even know who you're messing with here? Do you know who I am?

RoboCop: Frank Castle. You worked for the NYPD in 1980 till 2000 when you were discharged for mental health. You had wife and two children...all are now deceased. You have extensive training in the Military during your service in the Gulf war. You are a Vigilante. Status :Street level. Your alias is called "The Punisher."

The Punisher: Well what do you know. You ran a check on me while you were on your way over here. Pretty smart, but I have no time for this. Beat it. I'm busy.

RoboCop: Negative. I am not going anywhere until I get an explanation. What were you doing there?

The Punisher: Haven't you figured it out yet? I'm on the trail of the same guy as you. It's my brand of justice that defines my means. The Sin Eater is a vile creature that took the lives of many innocent people including my girl. I was dating an innocent 29 year old. She was a smashing  blond who owned a coffee shop. All she did was walk home when she was ambushed from behind by the Sin Eater's pets. They dragged her into an alley way and they....well you can guess the rest. I found her cold, naked, bloody and bruised body lying in a skip. If I had only been there sooner, she might have still been alive.

RoboCop: What was her name?

The Punisher: What does it matter?

RoboCop: It matters.

The Punisher: Her name was Tessa Dean.

RoboCop: *Searches his inbuilt SHIELD database.* I'm sorry. Killing him is not an option.

The Punisher: It is in my books. Look I understand that you're playing by the book for the Cap, but in my eyes, there is no justice for those who commit these atrocities. I've dealt with the Sin Eater in the past. He is a deluded psychopath who gains excitement off of people's fear. Mainly a woman's fear. He preys on them as if they are sport, only this time, he's doing it for money.

RoboCop: He can be brought to justice the right way. New laws...will see to it that he is given either life imprisonment or the chair.

The Punisher: That's not good enough. He needs to be taken down in front of his followers. They all need to be taken down at once.

RoboCop: We can work together?

The Punisher: *Sneers* What? Are you kidding me? You don't even kill.

RoboCop: I kill when it is necessary.

The Punisher: Is that so? Well tell me...RoboCop is it? Do you think that killing The Sin Eater is necessary?

RoboCop thought the question over. Could he really corrupt his systems and deactivate them?

RoboCop: Yes. I think it's necessary, but only when the time is right.

The Punisher: What?

RoboCop: When you kill him, you do it in a isolated area. I will not tolerate any injuries to civilians.

The Punisher: Understood. *Grabs a machine gun and cocks it.* Where do we start?

RoboCop: I thought you would tell me?

The Punisher: Okay. I know for a fact that The Sin Eater recruits younger members at hot spots throughout the city. The best places to look are the run down shopping malls. I guarantee that a member of the Sin gang is trying to recruit some youths right now.

RoboCop: *Scans* The nearest shopping precinct is three miles away in them East Village area. We will start there.

The Punisher: Alright, but I lead the way.

RoboCop: In my car.

The Punisher: Deal. I guess I better fix the damage I made to your servos. Oh and look, other thing. Nobody plays team leader here. If I see an opportunity, I'll take it.

RoboCop: *Removing his helmet* Understood.


A few hours passed bay when the Moon hung over the city. The Raider crawled along the deserted streets when they arrived at the old Shopping Mall. The place looked as if a bomb had hit it. The roof had been caved on, there was glass all over the place. The demons hit the area hard. The two men exited the raider and headed for the entrance, guns drawn. RoboCop scanned the entire complex in his heat vision mode.

RoboCop: I am detecting four individuals. All of them are armed with concealed modified Beretta M9 pistols.

Punisher: What about the kids?

RoboCop: There are three kids on the second floor. They have not spotted the Sin members yet.

Punisher: Then that's our cue.

The two men enter through the main doors when the Sin gang members spot them.

Punisher: Hey douche bags! It's past your curfew. Prepare to be punished!

Sin Gang Member: Take them out! Make him bleed!!

The Sin Gang members opened fire, but they were no match for the Punisher's assault rifle. He gunned them down by shooting at their legs. The members fell to the ground, all of which had tear streaked eyes. However, RoboCop detected another member on the floor above. He proceeded on foot to catch the fleeing suspect.

Punisher: *Taunts the weeping gang members* Oh stop crying! I thought you ladies were mean to be warriors. All I've given you are flesh wounds, but I could make it much worse unless you start spilling.

Sin Gang Member: *Cradling his blood soaked leg* What do you want from us?

Punisher: The Sin Eater! Where is he!?

Meanwhile, RoboCop made it to the first floor. He spotted the fleeing gang member as he climbed the next flight of stairs. He drew his machine pistol, aimed for the back of the assailant's leg and fired. The bullet punctured the man's leg, forcing him to fall back down the stairs. He hit the ground on his thud, banging his head. He was completely immobile as he watched the metal avenger tower over him.

RoboCop: *Grabbing the man by the scruff of the neck.* You know where he is. I suggest you talk?

Sin Gang Member: I...I don't know what you're talking about man.

RoboCop: You were fleeing to report this to The Sin Eater. Where is he!? Where does...he operate!?

Sin Gang Member: He...He never stays in one place. He keeps moving. It's how he stays one step...of the cops. Please make the bleeding stop.

RoboCop: You lie!

Sin Gang Member: It's the truth I swear!

Punisher: *makes up to the same floor* He's telling the truth Tin Man. The punks downstairs have said the same thing. I say we zip them and get out of here.

RoboCop: Agreed. *Throws the perp up against the wall* We will have to rethink over our plans.

Punisher: why do I get the impression that that's all we're going to do?


Meanwhile, in the safety of an old motor van, The Sin Eater hid in the comfort of the shadows. He spent the past few hours watching his men rally over the recruiters via hidden CCTV cameras. He was impressed with the progress that his followers had made, until he spotted both RoboCop and The Punisher on the camera feed. A growl appeared under his mask as he fast forwarded the tape. The rest of the footage  showed the action that went down along with the interrogations.

The Sin Eater: *Slouching in his chair* So these punks think they have what it takes to bring me down? This city is still at my mercy and it always will be. If they want to take me down so bad then I say good luck to them. The Sin Eater will eat them alive!

To Be Continued



Fireball Flight by stick-man-11
Fireball Flight
A deep space shuttle monitors flaming fireballs as they hurtle across space.
Chapter I

Jameson: "This is J3 communications. Bringing you the best in three minutes. I'm J. Jonah Jameson. Tonight, crime levels throughout the city have increased rapidly since another incident involving The Sin Gang has surfaced. The police have released a tape that was recovered on the body of their latest victim. 33 year old Vicki Thomas. We have the exclusive tape right here. Some viewers may find the following footage disturbing."

The screen flicked over to the tape which showed a masked man in front of the camera. His whole upper torso was drenched in shadows.

Sin Eater: "Citizens of New York City, are you paying attention yet? Or do I have to kill another person to get what I want? Vicki Thomas didn't need to die, but I couldn't resist the sweet scent of her fear. Unless the mayor coughs up the $13,0000 that we demand then another innocent civilian dies. Would you really be that selfish, Mr Mayor? Haven't your people suffered enough from the demonic forces that destroyed the city? And what of these so called superheroes? Where are they to stop me? It seems that you are out of options. Pay up the money by the next 48 hours or I will kill another innocent person. Perhaps that gorgeous daughter of yours? Be seeing you."

The video tape ended and the screen cut back to Jameson.

Jameson: "Our correspondent tried to get a response from the Mayor but he was unwilling to give a comment. His daughter is reported to be in police protection. However one question remains. What are The Brotherhood Of Superheroes doing to solve this menace? We were able to get a comment from Captain America earlier today."

Captain America appeared on the screen. He stood proudly in front of the newly built BOS headquarters.

Captain America: "We have acknowledged the city's plea for our help in this case. We deeply apologize for not putting this gang behind bars. However we have dispatched our best agent to solve the case. RoboCop has been assigned because he is the most capable machine to handle such a threat. We are striving to rebuilt this great city. The people's city is our number one priority as of this time."


RoboCop walked with the Mayor outside the entrance to Town Hall. The Sin Eater's message had put the Mayor on Ice. RoboCop escorted the VIP to his limo.

The Mayor: Just so you know Agent Murphy, you have my complete permission to kill this guy should you have to. I want him off the streets and I don't care how you do it. 

RoboCop: Understood. Your convoy should be...ready to escort you to the safe house. You are not to leave your escort for any reason.

The Mayor: Yeah yeah I got all that. I'm pretty pissed off at the Cap though. This is more important. How could he ignore peoples lives during this crisis?

RoboCop: He has...his duty. This is mine. Good luck Mr Mayor.

The Mayor: *As he gets in the car* Good luck to you too, Agent Murphy.

Shortly afterwards, Robocop cruised down the damaged streets in his new SHIELD Raider. Tony Stark had constructed the titanium plated tank like car. It was designed specifically for Robo's systems and equipment. He could now interface with the on board computer, becoming one with the vehicle. He patrolled the east neighborhood when a an alarm was picked up over the database. SIN GANG IDENTIFIED. SAINT PATRICK'S BAR, MAIN AND THIRD. MEMBERS: FIVE. DANGER: CONDITION RED. Responding to the alarm, RoboCop accelerated and headed for the scene.


The Punisher had already arrived at the scene himself. He had also been on the Sin Eater case since the night of first killing. The first victim was a personal friend of his, prompting him to wage a one man manhunt for justice. His trail had led him to the same spot. He perched on top of adjacent rooftop and studied the area through his night vision binoculars. He pressed down on a hidden button and spoke into a small microphone that was built into his left wrist gauntlet.

Punisher Journal Entry: "Journal entry: 56. I have tracked a small group of the scumbags to a small shady bar on the corner of East and 3rd. My hunch was right. This place is one of their rally points. The Sin Gangs numbers must have doubled over the past 72 hours. Their recruitment strategies have changed. I caught four of them hanging outside the abandoned mall earlier this morning. They were recruiting a group of young boys that were passing by. All of them must have been between the ages of 13 and 16. They should be in school. Not on the street. If I'm ever going to stop them then I need to up my game."

After he finished the recording, The Punisher put his new plan into action. He made his towards the street by climbing down a drain pipe. Reaching for his rifle that he carried on his back, The Punisher kicked in the doors, surprising the assailants inside. He caught three Sin Gang members who were in the middle of plotting their next murder.

Sin Gang member #1: *Reacting* Who the hell is this guy!?

Sin Gang member #2: I don't know, but he isn't here to join us. Who are you punk!

Punisher: I'm the guy who's about to put a bullet between your boss's eyes. I'll start with you two first.

Sin Gang member #3: Is that so? Well we'll see about that. Come on boys, lets waste this punk!

The Punisher dived for cover as the three members drew their machine rifles and opened fire. He took cover behind an upturned table. He aimed his rifle and returned the favour. His constant firepower knocked down one of the men. Just then, a second source of gunfire erupted. The Punisher glanced across the room to see RoboCop march his way through with his gun blazing. The Sin Gang Members tried to take down the Defender of SHIELD, but their bullets bounced off his shiny metallic armor. RoboCop aimed and fired a single bullet into each of their legs. He needed the answers so killing them wasn't an option.

RoboCop: *Grabbing a gang member by the scruff of the neck.* Where is The Sin Eater!? Tell me!?

Sin Gang member #1: Kiss my ass tin man! We'll never tell!

RoboCop: You will tell me. I have ways...of getting answers. *His hand clamps around the man's neck.* Don't make me beat it out of you?

Sin Gang member #1: *Slowly choking.* I....I....Don't know....he calls us when he.....needs us.

RoboCop: *Using his voice stress analyzer* You are going to prison. You are telling the truth. Your reign of terror is over.

Suddenly, The Punisher appears from behind a fires an electrical taser blast into the back of RoboCop. The shock stuns the cyborg long enough for The vigilante to finish the job. When RoboCop rebooted his system, he saw The Punisher looming over him. 

The Punisher:I had a feeling that the Patriot lover would send you here. I could have killed you if I wanted too but it's not you that I'm after. Stay away from The Sin Eater. He's mine!

RoboCop: Who are you? Identify yourself?

The Punisher: They call me The Punisher. It's my mission to put the Sin Eater in the ground and I don't intend to let a walking trash can like you get in my way. Cross me again, and I will turn you into scrap metal. Is that understood?

RoboCop: I will...find him whether you like it or not.

The Punisher: We'll see. Gotta dash. 

RoboCop raised his pistol and flipped it to it's tag mode. He aimed it at the Punisher and fired. The micro tag hit the back of The Punisher's dark over coat. He wasn't about to let him get away so soon. A few minutes later, he lifted himself up off the floor. He scanned the life signs of the two Sin Gang members. They were both dead. The Punisher had put a bullet in both of their heads. Despite the Mayor's permission, RoboCop couldn't kill The Sin Eater or any of his gang. Since he had joined SHIELD, he had learnt the value of human life and vowed never to kill unless it had become a last resort. As he marched outside towards his Raider, the events that just happened played back in his visor. It was possible that he did have to kill a man if it was necessary. He would have to kill The Punisher. He took off into the night. The tracer he planted appeared on the screen. He was going to get answers before anymore bullets were fired.

To Be Continued

All New RoboCop Punisher #1
Editors note: To picture the SHIELD raider, think a hybrid of The Dark Knight's tumbler Batmoblie and a spinner from Blade Runner.


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Hey I'm Lee and I live in the UK, South-east to be specific. I love digital art and other art types that evolve around many TV shows, movies and other fantasy stuff. I'm just improving on my own talent. I'm not great but I'm not terrible either.

I love to draw and I love to make photo-manipulations for my favorite things that keep me interested. When it's made, I'll share it with my amazing viewers :)

The proudest thing I have ever made is the creation of the Marvel Dynamic Universe and the adventures of The Dynamic Spider-Man...then I killed him off. That was even more fun.

Recently, I have become an amateur Photographer who's been studying it for a hobby but might eventually consider chasing a career out of it. Who knows I might just be that good at it

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